0.1 ~ A Quest Beckons ∆

Wherein we begin to contemplate a foolish journey.*:・゚✧

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What-ho and well-met, fellow mind. Welcome to what may be the beginnings of an [annual-ish] Ritual of Becoming. A ritual wherein we Choose One Word to serve as a guiding beacon in the dark. I’m so happy you are here. 

Before we get carried away, you ought meet the meta-narrator.

Hello, yes: I’m the meta-narrator. 

This 3rd and 4th wall breaking, I know. We are going to be doing a bit of that in this programme, hoho. Think of this text as a kind of ‘marginalia’. A hat tip to the clever and knowing.

NB: You can skip past these blocks—they are entirely optional. (¬‿¬)

I shall hence oscillate back and forth betwixt the meta and the matter at hand, so you get the best of both worlds. (~˘▾˘)~

Righto, now to the first of ~70 videos...

This is a significant step you are taking

What this programme represents is an opportunity for you—for us—to delve deeper into the Patterns that might be holding us back from Who We Might Become. This is an opportunity for self-inquiry—for reflection, introspection; and all the wondrous things we don’t normally make time for.

And for this reason, this is not going to be a ‘typical online program’. This is not about ‘quick hacks’ or ‘quick fixes’ or ‘simple things’ that you can do. And this is probably going to be frustrating on several levels. But if it were easy—you’d have already done it, and there would be no need for a program like this, hoho.

So! We are about to face into perplexity. Self-knowledge, self-development, self-actualisation—these are some of the most mysterious, complex, nebulous, ineffable topics known to us. 

This is going to take some wit. And a healthy dose of imagination.

Ergo, to make this whole thing work, I suggest you think of this whole experience as a bit of a foolish journey. To embrace new beginnings and apparent folly with a kind of open-mindedness and cultivated naïveté.

We will explore more of both/and juxtaposed metamodern thinking later in the program as we get better at working in paradox.

You’re going to hear me sprout mystical, magical and mythical notions in this programme. In doing so, we are not abandoning rationality or critical thinking—not at all. Instead, we are playing with what could be considered a ‘meta-rational’ stance. A means of suspending judgement and disbelief long enough to allow for new insights and revelations to take hold.

Matthew Freidell does demonstrates this approach splendidly in the following video.

So: welcome! I’m thrilled that you are contemplating this quest.

If we treat this Ritual of Becoming as a sacred and semi~magical thing—something a little bit specialit may just work a little bit better for you. 

This is new: each lesson will also end with a journalling prompt. A provocation to ponder as grist for contemplation. 

To contemplate…

‘Mystical’, ‘magical’, ‘mythical’… these words are laden with meaning. And… it is possible you may have an ‘allergy’ (exaggerated reaction) to them. If so: what do you notice in yourself? And… why do you suspect this is?

Hashtag mysterious! Next we will explore how you can best approach this program

0.1 A Quest Beckons · »—>
༆ Table of Contents

This a work-in-progress ‘virtual book’, meta-blog and online programme by Dr Fox. Illustrations by dangerlam. (CC BY-NC-SA)