1.5 ~ Patterns of Incongruence ‡

Wherein we lay siege to our own delusions.

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Gee-whiz I am loving the dangerlam’s illos. We’re so lucky.

Welcome back! So hopefully by now, though, you will have surfaced some sort of ‘subjective-objectivity’ via the Book of You and the Chart of You. Now, we hunt for patterns of incongruence.

Patterns of incongruence are repeated phenomena wherein how we think and feel don’t necessarily fit with ‘who’ we think ourselves to be. There’s a kind of schism or dissonance betwixt ‘how’ we are and ‘who’ we are.

Part of the work of this programme is to use our enhanced self-knowledge to close this gap. We do this by developing and growing closer to a sense of congruence (where our selfness ‘feels right’) and coherence (where our selfness ‘makes sense’).*

* These are not fixed destinations—it’s all fluid, and we mightn’t ever necessarily ‘arrive’. But, in time, we may move closer. And: we may accrue some savvy along the way.

To contemplate…

When you brush ‘the fingers of your mind’ across the Book of You and the Chart of You—where does your attention ‘snag’? What parts of your own narrative (fallacy) feel out of date, incongruent or incoherent? Where have you matured beyond the stories you otherwise hold? And: what would a close friend (who knows you very well and has your best interests at heart) say about all of this? What are you pretending to not know?

Hoho, I love that last question. 

Next we shall deep dive into where you derive a sense of fulfilment.

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This a work-in-progress ‘virtual book’, meta-blog and online programme by Dr Fox. Illustrations by dangerlam. (CC BY-NC-SA)